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The Case for a REALTOR® to Lead®

By Sam DeBord®’s president, Errol Samuelson, has been hired away by Zillow. I’ve met Errol and he’s a nice guy, very smart, and very successful. Business is business. But, naive as it might be, there’s plenty of disappointment...
March 6, 2014

You Don’t Need Experience To Gain Clients

By Sam DeBord When I started out in the real estate business, my biggest fear was probably the same as many other agents’: “What if they ask me how many homes I’ve sold?”  There was an almost inescapable fear...
February 24, 2014

NAR/® Agreement Part 1: Displaying Unlisted New Homes & New Home Communities

By Sam DeBord The National Association of REALTORS® recently voted to approve updates to its operating agreement with® and allow more flexibility for the Web site.  There has been a wide range of reactions from REALTORS®. This blog...
August 12, 2013