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Mess-Free Social Media: Don’t Get Blocked

By Lee Davenport I’ve seen it before: accounts are blocked, business drys up, and worse yet, a job is lost, fines are imposed, or licenses are revoked—all from a social media post. That’s a mess…a hot mess. It’s no...
October 12, 2017

Design a Social Media Post in Less Than 5 Minutes

By Lee Davenport Don wrote: “I have no creative gene so it takes me literally hours to create snazzy social media posts. I can’t spend that much time as a ‘solo-preneur,’ but I know the importance of my business...
September 13, 2017

Using Hashtags in Your Online Marketing

By Lee Davenport When you need to look something up, what do you do?  Many of us will grab our phone, laptop, or computer and do a Google or Bing search. But, wait: You just realized that does not...
August 29, 2017