GDPR and What It Means to You

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  1. Anita, this is a very important article about the GDPR. Thank you for your research and helping all us agents to understand this new regulation better.

  2. Anita – many of the Agents and Broker I work with are asking if GDPR is even relevant to them. Well, a first consideration is: Do you aspire to sell second homes or properties to individuals in any of the 28 European Union member countries (including UK – yes even after Brexit!, Germany, Italy etc)? then GDPR legislation affects you. Specifically, Agents and Brokers that “use” marketing services, (referred to as “data controllers”), as well as the marketing systems (software) service providers (referred to as “data processors”) all need to be GDPR compliant. Is it possible to say that you explicitly do NOT provide services to people in the EU and avoid the GDPR? According to a lot of commentary in the legal profession, this may present many challenges and the general view is that this would NOT be an assured method to avoid GDPR. I think the challenge here is to pin down the tangible actions that need to be taken – we have done a lot of that in this overview: