Enough is Enough: Time to Debunk 4 Myths About Real Estate Agents

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  1. Tim Hohler

    Great post. I agree! We work so much harder than most people think. Very well written and informative.

  2. Great article Rebecca!

    No wonder people statistically trust used car salesmen more than Realtors! Glad there are other Realtors out there to help change things!

    Skills are definitely needed in this industry too. When I meet buyers or sellers for the first time I always compare us to sports agents. Almost every athlete out there uses one to promote their skills and get them the best deal possible for their clients. Just like Realtors do for their clients. Most sports agents also charge 10% so a Realtor representing you at 7% is a much better deal especially for one of the largest transactions they will have in their entire life! Plus the amount of work we do and money we have to spend to market and sell the home cuts into that 7% even faster.

  3. Indeed. Same counts for investors you see all over the place. Internet presence and signs on recently purchased houses also give a skewed impression.

  4. Thank for this article! There’s really no magic number to home showings. The good thing is that we make good friends !

  5. Michelle McCormick

    Great article! So true! I’ve been a Realtor for almost 17 years, so all of this rings true. I once had to make 22 offers for a first time buyer because inventory was so low and we kept getting beat out by the dreaded all cash, $50,000 over list price offers. But I was determined and it eventually paid off after months of trying. I have clients that call me until midnight, then start texting me at 6 am. We are always on call. So as you said, a lot of people have no idea how hard we work.

  6. Very well said.

  7. Great article Rebecca . Very well said, especially your 4th, I definitely agreed to it. Real estate broker needs a special skill to explain each and every point to the customers in the way which they will buy a property without any legal problem.

  8. Good for everyone to know. Thank you for sharing!