Dominating Social Media for Your Real Estate Business

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  1. Elizabeth Petro

    Great article Rebecca! Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom!

  2. Great article indeed! It had a great flow and it was very informative. It holds so much truth to the principles about online presence. Love all the tips! Thank you!

  3. Kerri Scharf

    Great insight to social media for business! Will definitely be utilizing Instagram more for Real estate. Congratulations on your success and I’m looking forward to your next post!

  4. This is very interesting. Have you actually made any deals from social media? I am guessing it may be a bit different in the realm of agents. As an investor I use social media just to get my SEO in. But deals have yet to be made from SM

  5. Jenny Helm

    Social media continues to be a huge opportunity, good article!

  6. Social media has become incredibly helpful! More social media tips for more engagement.

  7. Jessica

    Great article! J/w-do you have a separate IG account for your business? Or do you just use one for both personal and business?

  8. Great article! What has been effective for my social media posts is to find keywords with a lot of search volume in Google Keyword Planner and then using that as an idea generator for my blog posts. I then promote these blog posts organically to my follower or even sometimes sponsor these to an audience that I think will be interested in it. So far it has been very successful in driving traffic to my website. This way you can incorporate the benefits of SEO and social media at the same time. There are examples on my websites including my main one,

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  10. Great article this is very interesting