The Rookie Agent’s Guide to Selling New Construction: Part 1

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  1. George A Martinez

    Good article with helpful points for any agent.

  2. Thanks George! The second half of the article will be published in just a few more days!

  3. I’m a relatively new agent and this is the most complete explanation of the new construction process. Thank you!


    Great article, and very detailed one on one. Congratulations

  5. Sara LaRock

    I’m in my fourth year and just sold my first new construction property. I was perplexed at the differences in the process and wish I’d seen this article ahead of time, LOL. We’re scheduled to close in January… I will read your second post 2 prepare myself for the rest of our process. Fabulous article, well written, very informative. Thank you!

  6. Jonny K, you are welcome!

  7. This is encouraging to pursue new constructions.

    Dean with Turbo Buys Houses

  8. David, thank you for writing this. It was very clear and very helpful for someone like myself that hasn’t done any new construction but would like to. Lots of ideas to think about. Thanks.

  9. Good read. We focus mainly on rehabbing houses but would definitely like to learn more about getting into new construction.

  10. This is a great read and encouraging me to think about new constructions.

    Roger Harrison