How to Promote Your Real Estate Blog

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  1. Wow… image tags. I just went through my wordpress account and noticed that. I never saw before. I think that could be the key to boosting my website. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!!! This has been so helpful!!!!

    – Caleb Luketic, owner of Favor Home Solutions

  2. Glad you found a nugget you can utilize, Caleb.

  3. Thanks for the content Anita.

  4. Great information Anita! My trainer at the gym just started getting involved with community groups on social media for his online training business. His business coach also believes it’s a great place to be. Great advice for us and him!

  5. Thanks for the informative article Anita, It consists of more useful points of action.
    I’m very new to this, I will try to optimize my Title Tags, Header Tags and Image Alt Tags first.

    Many thanks

  6. oops reverse that.
    Its quality, not quantity!