The Pros and Cons of a Real Estate Office

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  1. Always a give and take. Right?
    It comes down to what side one is on. The broker, or the agent. It’s about weighing expense to reward ratio. & technology use.
    A whole new world opens up.
    Would you rather pay your share of expenses?
    Or, earn your share of what would be the expenses?
    From the whole brokerage. Plus equity.
    Executive Suites like Regus work just fine.
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  2. Pablo

    I think if you straight up buy the physical place it is now an investment and not a liability or expense. You can always sell it if need be get money back maybe even a profit. Renting yes it’s an expense but today their is still majority of people that want to meet at an office not a public place and that’s due to a trust factor they want see and know you are a realtor and not scan artist. Anyone can make things look like a certain way online especially if that’s all you have is a virtual office. Many clients still want physical place would you hire a virtual doctor, or lawyer.

    Realtora are one profession that public trust the least in time hopefully it changes

  3. If you want your clients to see you as a professional – act like a professional – that includes having an office.

    It is the largest purchase that most people will ever make. They need to be confident in you and an office helps create that perception.

    Lastly what would you think if your physician or attorney worked from home?

    Cary Michael Cox

  4. Wow, this is some great commentary and feedback, keep it coming!

    Just like with physicians and attorneys I don’t believe there is a one size fits all. There are pros and cons to owning an office and certainly, if you have the capital to buy a real estate office and can find a way to finance it without incurring any monthly recurring debts, then it is a much safer play.

    It’s 2017 about to be 2018 and I have had maybe 5 clients ask me about meeting at my office…. most people just want to meet at the home they want to look at or the house they want to sell, and if that doesn’t work there’s always the local coffee shop!

    I’ve never lost a deal because I don’t have an office… I’ve never won a deal because I had an office either (in 2015 and 2016).