Stop Wasting Time With the Wrong Leads

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  1. Good points Lee. I definitely remember the days of spinning my wheels with buyers who had no sense of urgency. Eventually you learn, but man what an expensive lesson in terms of time, lost opportunity, and frustration.

    The infographic is spot on with the categories and as Realtors we sometimes forget that we are running a business. Businesses need to do their best serving clients, but that doesn’t mean we should lose revenue of time in the process. Potential clients who don’t understand or want to fault us for that aren’t really the best type of client to begin with. In the end though, it’s on US to make sure we draw the line.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. As a relatively new realtor, this was very helpful to me. It’s a good reminder to pre-qualify buyers before driving all over God’s green earth showing homes. Thanks!

  3. From the beginning, we can help our clients figure out how much and when they can afford.