6 Outsourcing Tips For Effective Hiring

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  1. Great tips Anita! It’s funny because I’ve done this wrong in the past and probably 4 of your 6 tips would’ve helped me avoid the problems I’ve had. You live and you learn I guess.

    One if the things that has helped me is having training in place whether in video format (if possible), PDFs, or some other resource to provide to outsourcers. This has helped me by:

    1) Really thinking through the task at hand and how I want it done.
    2) Make sure I can communicate what I want done and give me an easy way to make adjustments as time goes on.
    3) God forbid I need to find a replacement outsourcer (or hire more help) I will have an easier time on-boarding the new person to handle the same tasks without the headache of the investment of time to do so.

    Thanks for the tips and your insight!
    Dustin Miller

  2. Good read!