28 Great Real Estate Articles From 2016

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  1. What a great collection of blog posts from this year – love these!
    Thanks for the inclusion Ryan!

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    Thank you, Seth! Appreciate you putting together the great article on Rental Properties!!

  3. Love the variety of articles posted here. Thanks!

  4. I enjoy reading your article. Here in AZ home builders design trends are very modern. I love the wood-look tile floors. Hope that trends for awhile.

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  12. This is a great resource ! I especially like the blog post by Lee Davenport about tech trends in 2017 . I know that you need to do this if you have to be successful that is why I choose to expand my online presence, using mobile apps , websites and social media.
    Thanks for the inclusion- Servaughn

  13. Thanks Ryan. 28 super articles and relevant content worth reading. Loved the articles on SEO and multifamily investing.

  14. Awesome article collections you got there! Learned a lot of useful tips from each of them.

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  19. Nice round-up! I’m going to need to find some time to dig into several of these articles

  20. Virtual reality is going to be a technology that allows consumers the convenience of not having to leave their house in order to walk through someone else’s home.

  21. I love that you touched on solar power at the time this article was written. Recently I was discussing solar power with a client who is in insurance. She indicated that having these panels could affect insurance because in the case where there is a fire – the firemen are not able to spray these panels with water. It is a consideration when you are looking into solar panels if this is the case in your area. Research should be done and to consider the benefit as well as the potential negatives should there be a fire.

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