4 Steps to Hiring Out Your Sales Process

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  1. “If you need to be working everyday in order for your business to grow, then you’re in a bottleneck.”
    —–This one is the awsome one “Alexis Craig”

    “Accomplishing anything starts with clear focus. You have to decide exactly what you want and don’t want out of your business.”
    —–My boss always said that two karma. This is the first one most educated people will do that. By this method they can clearly explain their projection plan without any help

    “Nobody can do it better than I can.” This mindset is the biggest barrier to creating a scalable real estate business.”
    —–This is the reason why i quite my first job. I always think like that then i failed. I can’t able to connect with anyone. I can’t able to work then i quite my MNC job.
    After some days i found this as a reason. I choose a startup. Start thinking everyone can do something. Then i teach them how to get succeed split my work and assign to them they did everything perfect than me. That makes me a team lead. Now each and every day i believe them and help them

    “Create a Systematic Sales Plan”
    —-This one plan =100% ROI

    “For example, if I notice that conversion are lower, I might look to see if we brought in the wrong leads. If it’s consistently lower, I make look at the sales presentation or a particular sales agent.”
    —-This is the only way to provide “learn from mistake”. So that next time we won’t repeat any mistakes

    Thanks for evrything Alexis Craig. Hope by this my marketing team will achieve something Big

  2. Thanks Kanchi. I hope the article helped. These things all took me months — some years to learn. I struggled with the “I can do it better” mindset for a very long time.

  3. You have explained it in detail, especially step 2 Create a Systematic Sales Plan
    Thanks for mentoring.