Google My Business, Google+ Builds SEO

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  1. You picked up very important points. Google My Business and Google Plus itself is really very important for any type of businesses, if they are seriously thinking about their site’s SEO and organic ranking. GMB is a tool where we can directly list our local or multi-location business information. With consistent NAP citation on different other authoritative business listing sites, we can rank a site on it’s local searches on 7 pack local results. It’snot only good for local SEO, but all plus ones, follows, G+ mentions, reviews are absolutely crucial on organic ranking too.

  2. Your point about engagement on Google+ as it relates to ranking on the 7-pack is rarely spoken about. It most definitely promotes social proof which increases the click through rate on your listing. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

  3. Extremely well done! I especially agree with the paragraph on people misinterpreting social signals. In many people’s mind social equals Facebook. In fact, the social signals taken into consideration by Google are those mentions of the company and links back to its website that are not behind a wall (which is the case with Facebook): positive mentions and back links on customer review websites, mentions and back links on Twitter or LinkedIn (even though Twitter allows only for a limited number of tweets to be searchable, not the entire firehose), etc.

  4. Jose Tony Gonzalez

    This is great information! I will be sure to start using Google my business and Google Plus. I will also ask the broker of record to begin using these services as well. Thank you for sharing this.

    Jose Tony Gonzalez
    Retired US Navy
    Broker Salesperson
    VIP Realty, Hackensack, NJ

  5. Thank you, Bill!

    Implementing these techniques as we speak. Appreciate you being so open about your seo tips!


  6. Bill,

    Do you get in the 7 pack for different areas? I’ve met a few business owners who have multiple addresses (some are PO boxes) because they want to show up in several cities.

  7. Bill Gassett

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. Getting into the Google Place 7 pack is something that every real estate agent should strive to do!

  8. Been working hard on my local SEO through various methods over the past couple of months. This actually helps put everything into a streamlined effort and even gives it a name – “the Google Place 7 Pack Mission.” Thanks, Bill.

  9. Bill, you’re the man. Thanks as always for the great detailed info. Question for you, for clarification. When building your big G+ community, are you doing that with your personal G+ account, or as your G+ business page? Should I be adding people to my circles in my personal G+ profile, or my business one? Thanks

  10. Kelly

    Great information, very helpful. However I seem to feel a disconnect between Google my business and G+. There is G+ for your business but also personal and they don’t seem to connect. When I share something it goes to my personal page when I would like to get to my business page, or both? Am I missing something?