10 Ways to Get The Most Out of LinkedIn

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  1. Great advice, Bill. Yes, I have found LinkedIn to be the best of the social media platforms for leads. That is because I have a large number of connections of people I know. I also try to reach out to past customers and connect to them (I do this every 3 months or so).

  2. Great Article!!! Thank you for taking the time to educate your fellow Realtor

  3. What great recommendations! Just PERFECT! I have so far done most of them,
    but still got some new ideas from your advice…… Love and I do love Linkedin for that one reason that it is professional, not dog photos, no listings, no funny stuff…..

    Thanks for the post…
    Edith YourRealtor4Life
    Chicago / North Shore & Northern Illinois Expert
    @Properties Real Estate

  4. Bill, I have been following you across different social media platforms. I am also part of the RE/MAX family here in sunny Miami. I have started to tap into LinkedIn. This article really broke it down for me. You are an inspiration! I hope to connect someday. Maybe at next year’s R4

  5. Thanks Bill for another great article. I found the information “spot on”

  6. Great Article! Definitely worth the share, it got my creative juices flowing.

  7. Your advice has been so helpful, Bill. Thank you. A previous article that you published prompted me to join this group, and once I have item 4 comfortably under my belt I will move on to number 5. Your articles and the good examples of those using LinkedIn have been good incentive.

  8. As always, well written, and spot on.

  9. Bill Gassett

    Thanks everyone for all your great comments. It is good to hear you got something out of the article!

  10. thanks Bill for the great article …informative and helpful …

  11. Great article!!! Thanks so much for the insights, ideas, and advice.

  12. Jim McCord

    Phenomenal article!

  13. What a great article, Bill. I am a LinkedIn trainer, and I always like to read what others have to say – especially when they agree with me. You have helped validate my training for realtors also. Thank you so much.

  14. Carolyn Faye Collington

    Awesome Article!
    Thank you so much! I am a new Realtor and this article answered many questions on how to effectively utilize LinkedIn.

  15. Thank you for the valuable information! It is very much appreciated!

  16. thanks for the good advice! Well written article !

  17. Very good read!

  18. Thanks Bill. Great article!!!

  19. Robert Geils

    Thanks, very timely

  20. Fantastic post, this is the guide all should follow when entering the Linked In arena.

  21. Hi! I’ve been on linked in for a long while, but never a lead. Is there something you put in your name, header or info when you reply to people or post that lets them know you are a real estate agent etc? To me I look like just another business person on the site (initial look), until you go to my profile. Would love advice about how to get more visibility and leads. I agree that sending out real estate stuff isn’t the way to get it. Only occasionally.

  22. Bill: Thank you for the article. Some great information that I intend to practice.

  23. Super information about the Do’s and Don’ts for Realtors on LinkedIn.

  24. Victoria Brewer

    Thank you for sharing! As a South Florida realtor, I am always looking for an inroad for an edge. Even if you have an established referral network, it’s essential to be active on LinkedIn.

  25. Excellent article! I love your advice about publishing long-form posts. This is a great strategy. Too bad some real estate agents haven’t read this article. I’ve seen several agents lately posting home listings as “articles.” This is the same mistake as posting in groups, if you ask me. What do you think?

  26. Thank you for the tips Bill I enjoyed the article. I’ve been in real estate for about 10 years now and in a bit of a down time so thought I would take the time to get more familiar with Linkedin and start implementing some of your tips

  27. Bill this is great. I’m one of those younger Realtors who just doesn’t get LinkedIn, because it has such a different culture than all other social networks. This article gave me the info I needed to start using LinkedIn as well. So when you say use the long form post, are you referring to a post, or an article published in LinkedIn Pulse? Thanks- Dustin Brohm in Salt Lake City, UT

  28. Bill Gassett

    Thanks everyone for all your comments. Justin – yes a long form post is the Pulse Platform.

  29. Oh WOW! Thank you. I had always assumed we couldn’t do company pages since our agencies have them. I am just reading a fascinating book by Mary Shannon Moore where she references our own page. When looking for more details, I arrived here. I will be adding that posthaste! Thank you 🙂


  30. LinkedIn is the platform that i’m most confused by. I’ve wanted to use it but never felt like I knew how. This article helped a lot!

  31. I just created a linkedIn page with my business, and I got a lead from it! It was totally worth it to customize it and build it correctly because it was amazing! Thanks for your tips! It really helped me.

  32. Thanks for this information.

  33. Thank you so much for this article. I had no idea that Linked In was so useful to get new business! I really like how you break it down, to make it easy to start using it.