Use Your Tweets Wisely

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  1. Great article Bill. One thing I see done quite often by agents is that they just tweet listings of theirs. What I see you saying here is that they need to interact with others and post helpful information that others can use in order to develop online relationships. Great job!

  2. Very useful info Bill! Nice job. 🙂

  3. Great post Bill. Twitter is my platform of choice and I agree that if it is used well is a powerful networking and engagement tool. I’d like to add that Lists are a great way to organise followers, particularly when numbers start to go up, as you can then just see what the followers in that list group are posting.

  4. Great article. It helps confirm what I’ve been doing on Twitter and with my blog for a while now.

  5. I am an active twitter user and you as a Pro Twitter user, your advice is valuable to me Bill. Thanks!

  6. Marty Morua

    The 80/20 rule. Sharing informative commentary/posts/articles/useful information with your audience. Then 20% gently introducing your services to existing and prospective Twitter followers (without sounding like a 1970’s polyester suit wearing used car salesperson).

    Of course the #Hashtag helps people stand out…. as long as they don’t overuse it and put it in front of key words.

    Good stuff Bill!

    Marty Morua

  7. Great tips Bill. You can follow me @JeffGingerich Cheers!

  8. Another great article from Bill Gassett, Thanks.

  9. Tonya Blanks

    Wish I would have read this years ago. Great information. Thanks.

  10. Maya "mayaREguru" Paveza

    Hi Bill,
    Great information, thanks for sharing some solid reminders that so many agents need and overlook.
    Twitter is also a GREAT listening device, I think that the Twitter Advanced Search (which I reviewed in the NAR CRS Twitter Webinar few years ago) is a wonderful way to find and connect to your local community.
    People frequently dismiss Twitter, but it really is the MOST powerful of the social platforms for building additional SEO. Using Twitter Cards is another great way to expand your profiles and aren’t too difficult to set up.
    I would also remind Agents that for the maximum ReTweet reach they want to keep the post under 120 Characters, even better under 100, so using a link shortener or my favorite social media tool Hootsuite (I also like Buffer and – still in Beta) to optimize the premium on the character real estate is a great “best practice” to do.
    I do like that you pointed out the way the @ reply works and using a period in front of the name, but I honestly find that a rather cheap way to do it, even start with a greeting, I will write it as a message sometimes and start with “Hey @Twittername did you see this great article on Twitter use for RE Pros? #RealEstate” And Hashtags are awesome too.
    A major no-no are those that post on other channels and broadcast to Twitter without every checking it. So many horrific faux-pas out there that our industry is guilty of.
    The question of time management is important and frequent, time blocking helps, and if you have great tools like Swayy it is easy to find content to share. I also always bookmark the articles I share so I can reference back to them if I need to. I also read everything I share, never do a blind share, you might be promoting a competitor.
    Have fun and show your personality! People want to connect with people, not listing spammers or Twitter Bots.
    Great article!! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great stuff!!
    Maya =)

  11. Great tips Bill, looking forward to trying them out..

  12. Great information. I’m going to try these out tomorrow on my Twitter.

  13. Thanks for the tips, Bill! I just started on Twitter. I’ve followed some of your tips and grew my following from 62 followers three days ago to almost 650 now. Love doing this, love my job, and thanks again!

  14. Hi Bill, I enjoy following you on twitter and agree with your advice. This week I discovered Lists as a way to track influencers from each niche.

  15. Thanks Bill. This is good stuff. Appreciate it very much.