2014 Technology Resolutions

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  1. This is good stuff! I LOVE all of these tips and have already begun to use them. As far as I know, I’m the first to do these (consistently) in my market.

  2. Great ideas. Love the Facebook gifts idea. Sadly it won’t work for us Canadians.

  3. I took the e-PRO coarse almost 15 years ago and practiced it to the T! I continue to keep up with technology and am way ahead of anyone in my area when it comes to it. Oh did I mention, I’m not a young guy, I will be 60 this year! Age has nothing to do with technology. The mind does!

  4. Can you share the brand name of the video product you were describing:
    “iPhone film pack”
    When I google that a get a film to put over my camera.


  5. good stuff! Love the use of FB gift giving.

  6. I never thought of the facebook gifts, great idea Scott!