Dealing With Unrealistic Sellers

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  1. Lance Dunn

    Excellent article! I like the idea to have the feedback also go back to the client!

  2. Anne Youngblood

    Appraisals are extremely effective listing tools.

  3. Excellent points, very true, sometime no mater what you say and how much proof there is you just can not change some once mind.

  4. Your article is fresh and I love the idea of showing them homes to demonstrate they would be over-pricing themselves. I have actually thought about this but haven’t followed up on it – Now, I will. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Arsalan

    I think Some sellers just don’t want to sell , they keep saying words to attract people but they don’t need the money. They are here to do profit , someone who needs money will surely follow the idea about other listings but those business men will surely not.,they will wait for the someone who get fall in love with their property and all this is quite troublesome for realtors .

  6. Herr Virtual Solutions

    I really liked the article. I have worked in real estate for years . You have to give people what they want or lead them gently to what you want.

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    Herr Virtual Solutions

  7. Great article. I have one of these sellers now that I’m considering firing.

    We overpriced the house about a month ago, with the understanding that they would come down to the recommended price once we get closer to their deadline (December…it is now August). Now, less than a month into it the wife has demanded multiple open houses, asked if she can personally call every agent that shows her house to “tell them” why they should buy it by overcoming their objectives of it being overpriced or too small for their buyers, has critiqued how we do our open houses because she says we should put open house signs throughout her neighborhood a week before the one house (and we don’t because A. the city will pick them up and B. they’re not date specific so people would be so confused and probably come knock on their door all hours of the day). Oh…and no one is allowed to use the restroom in their house during an open house, all shoes need to come off at the door, and she fought us tooth and nail about having it inside the home instead of outside in the heat of August. This has me really regretting ever taking an overpriced listing in the first place.