Is Your Customer Service This Good?

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  1. Vegas Lady

    Nice article about Bill Child and customer service but agents/broker aren’t selling furniture. We have legal duties. Isn’t that what all the education and licensing is about?

    “We can argue that the clients should have read the contract and been aware of his or her duties, however, one particular agent believed in something different. The agent told me that it was his fault because he didn’t advise his client of the looming deadlines, nor did he advise his client properly on his options at the time of the deadlines. As a result, the agent said he would pay the damages himself.”

    Ya think!!! That’s not a “belief” – it’s a duty and in this case it probably beat getting sued.

    “We can argue that the clients should have read the contract and been aware of his or her duties,”

    And how about the agents/brokers? Shouldn’t they have read the contract and been aware of their duties?

    “Customer service” wasn’t the issue – incompetent agents/brokers were. Customer service can never trump an agent/brokers legal responsibility. We help people buy homes, not furniture or cars.

    I’ve been an Exclusive Buyer Broker for 25 years and have only had one client lose her earnest money and that was willingly and with full knowledge, understanding and agreement. It’s really sad when you hear about 5 buyers in a month who lose their earnest money because agents/brokers don’t know their legal duties ad don’t protect their clients.

    When are we going to stop sugar coating an agents duties to their clients with words like “customer service” or lack of it?

  2. Margie Kehr

    As a Buyer’s agent I understand that deadlines are straight forward, and if you are not paying attention to Loan Conditions deadline, your Buyer will loose. When I am in communication with my client, Buyer or Seller, I advise what’s next. Recently, a Buyer lost her job within two weeks of closing. This was 7/11, and I am still working on getting $3000.00 Earnest returned to Buyer. Seller was a challenge, yet Listing Agent seems on board and Title company has still not released. Sometimes it’s the listing side causing delays.