Think Outside the House

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  1. Anand: I knew I liked you from the moment we met! Very proud of you for this article. Everything you have said is certainly thought provoking and true. The reminders of taking the blinders off and engaging and bringing back to our profession the BEST of what we learn is so important to our industry remaining viable. Great article!

  2. Anand, This topic, links, conversation, should be taught to each and every real estate agent. It’s like the argument that the first two years of college should be spent studying liberal arts rather than a specialty. Not only do solutions come from outside the industry but conversations among other professionals provides inspiration to be our best. Also, our “Leads” don’t come from conversations within our industry but, with professionals in other fields. Good article. Thank you.

  3. Anand Patel

    @Debbie – thank you for your kind words! Do you have a Tedx chapter in Tally? If so, I KNOW you’d love it. See you in a few weeks in Orlando!

    Good points Steve. You are so right in that talking to those outside the industry provides inspiration that we can always bring back to our businesses and also strive to continually improve.