Can A Monkey Sell Real Estate?

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  1. Anthony , this is a real cool article. Thanks for laying out the way it really is and sharing the stats.

    Jory Blake
    Realtor in Riverside,CA

  2. Thank you for standing up for our profession. I can’t believe someone would even dare say that. I have been selling real estate for over 25 years and there is a level of education, knowledge, experience and compassion that goes into this profession. It amazes me when I hear people say that all we do is drive people around and show them houses. You have so expertly explained what we really do. Thank you Anthony.

  3. Well said! Thank you for informing those who really have no idea how hard we work, the hours we are available to clients and the tremendous responsibility that we agree to with each and every contract we are part of. Nothing is better than having a buyer or seller say, “I had no idea how much was involved, couldn’t have done it without you.” If we truly have the parties involved, in the contracts, best interest at heart they will all see the value Realtors add. Real Estate agents are professionals, thanks for reminding some to act like it!

  4. Anthony James

    Thanks for reading Jory! All the best in 2013!

  5. Tom Archer

    I love to feel the truth when reading articles and seeing interviews on how the industry is portrayed! In a few short words you have made a profound statement that all
    R realtors should adhere to! Thanks !

  6. It really helpful for anybody to investing in property….