Professional Courtesy: Where Did It Go?

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  1. I don’t have a problem with professional “Realtors” in my location. I do have a problem with local real estate agents in my lake community who won’t pay to join a board and “learn”. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know is what all my Realtor friends comment. This woman sends photos of my open house signs to the local association office complaining that it is unfair (when it is not). She calls my sellers asking to list their property when my listing expires. My clients relay this information to me. Why don’t all people selling real estate have to abide by a professional Code of Ethics? I’m torn about what to do. My local board tells me to file a complaint with the real estate commission.

  2. jim

    The sellers should know EXACTLY how hard you worked for them. You earned their future referrals and the right to ask for them. If a buyers agents is talking behind your back to the contractor, what makes you think he is NOT doing the same thing to your sellers? You can’t be ‘partially’ unethical.

  3. I’ve had the opposite happen. Some listing agents can be so rude and so uncooperative that it can be difficult for us to do our job to our best abilities.
    My take on it is that it’s totally un-necessary, it is not conducive to good business and all it does is give us a bad name in the public eye.

  4. Wade, you did the right thing. You were professional and did not involve your clients in all the other agents drama.

    When agents insist on being difficult for no other reason that to stroke their ego, it only puts a bad light on them in the end. It is very hard not to want to club them over the head, but composure and professionalism will always prevail.

    Good Job!


    …just be professional at all times and as hard as you can… sooner or later same thing will happened to those kind of agents/aka realtors…real estate arena is a zoo then and now. the beast group realty?… you can’t ignore them as we need their buyers. your case is just another proof,” you can’t change people but you can change yourself’, in a more possitive way. dont worry, your crown as a good realty agent is shining all the time and that edge you up above the crowd. count my thumbs up on your professionalism!

  6. Rhonda Ahern

    I recently opened my own office and have several new agents. I tell them to treat the other agents like clients…ethically, with respect, and just how you want to be treated. I am not sure why some agents don’t understand this. If you are always rude, hard to negotiate with or just plain hard to work with…other agents will shy away from showing your listings if they can. I want to be the agent that others WANT to work with. Please show my listings, please bring me an offer! This really isn’t rocket science.