Justifying Your Commission: Show Clients What You’re Worth

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  1. Mark B.

    Good Article Jay! Had no clue that’s the spread of statistics. Even though I haven’t purchased a home yet, I won’t be looking for any discounted agents.

  2. Great post – makes me want to check the stats on our agents in Tampa Bay – I know there are a lot fewer than most people think that sell real estate full-time!

  3. Great Post.. I want to also know the stats in Las Vegas market we had sales prices very low for a while, market started to pick up now.

  4. Jay

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I will be continuing to post on this site on a regular basis. I also just released this for another publication. Hopefully it’s of some help: http://marketingrealestate.biz/stop-look-and-listen-teach-your-clients-how-to-buy-a-home/#

  5. Great post. I’m 110% support you on this but i want to say it could be a different culture too. As many Asian agent offer buyers for kickback to earn the business, I feel sad for them but its very common in Asian community. Vegas price is low and our commission is small, I’m just glad I have a choice of who i want to take on and give my quality service to.