Looking Forward to the Midyear Meetings in Washington!

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  1. Kevin Pickett

    Great job Anand!

  2. Anand

    Thanks Kevin! See you soon!

  3. Hello. I am the Communications Coordinator for a local association in NJ I attended Mid Year for the first time last year and I learned so much about not only the impact of legislation on our industry but also the impact REALTORS can have in protecting their careers and their clients. I became so invested in the mission of RPAC simply from experiencing the meetings and hearing from members and staff nationwide on important issues. If you haven’t attended Mid-year….. what are you waiting for?

  4. Anand

    Thanks Melissa for sharing your experience and the impact it had on you!

  5. Michelle Mihalko

    This is my first trip or Mid Year and looking so forward to it!! I am the President-Elect 2013-2013 for WCR Montgomery County in Texas. Can’t wait!!

  6. Patti Ketcham

    Great article…glad you enjoyed Tallahassee!