A Blog Post About Blogging

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  1. Thank you for your tidbits of information. I like to write or should I say type! Time is always a problem for me because as a realtor I find myself having to prospect, take clients out and all the other things involved and by the end of the day I have no time or energy to write. Most of the time I just simply forget!

    I will take a concentrated effort and use your common sense approach and do it. Blogging is a good tool for customers to use to get to know us.

    Thank you!


  2. Most realtors get their business through personal networking or ‘working their sphere of influence”. I believe blogging is more of a marketing activity. Blogging requires personal involvement. Not just giving money to Trulia, Zillow and others for leads.
    Blogging will never be widely adopted as long as it requires an ongoing personal committment. Too few want to pay that price.