‘You’re My REALTOR®, I Just Didn’t Use You.’

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  1. Last week I got the old “what do you think our house is worth?” …ok well I want to use you since you have referred so much business to me but we are going to sell privately because your fee cuts into our equity”

  2. Jo Anne Lorensen

    I don’t think it is a good idea to use a friend for your Realtor. In the end you may not be friends any longer.

  3. Anj

    Wow, that seems a little tough for you, Melissa. It also happened to me 6 years ago when I was in the Real Estate Industry. It’s a little bit different though. I was the first and only agent who helped my friend purchased their house… at the end of the day, they went directly to the developer’s office and claimed that they don’t have an agent. They might be thinking that they will get a huge discount on their purchase (but that didn’t happen). That also served as a life lesson for me. Now, even that I’m involved in one of the reputable construction companies in springfield mo, I’m doing everything not to let that kind of situation happen again. It’s really tough to be a sales person.:)

  4. I read your comments; I would not letter this incident bother you.

    Just remember next time. Along the way a lot of us has made that mistake if the truth be known,
    Wil Lewis

  5. Ryan, I would get purposeful about learning scripts to show your value. You’re worth every penny of your commission, they just don’t get it yet. Jo Anne, any friend that would turn into an ugly situation, probably shouldn’t be my real friend anyway. I have had situations where it gets heated and yet at the end of the transaction my clients always see that I’m there to bring the value and appreciate the process. Anj, it definitely wasn’t easy and yet it was a lesson that needed to be learned. Since then, I’ve been religious in my follow-up.