Are You a Smart Casual or Business Casual?

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  1. Brent

    Exceptional insight for those agents w/ little
    fashion sense. Well done, Ms. Esanu.

  2. Kim

    Great article! Good guidelines to follow.

  3. That’s a tough question, on the Cape we bring buyers around to look at high end properties and in the summer they may be in shorts and tanks, bathing suits with coverups or jeans and a t-shirt. I try to dress professional but on the other hand it would be easy to look foolishly over dressed…

  4. Great read. Most agents dont seem to understand the difference of being professional with what and how you do things verse thinking that you have to dress professional to suceed. Most days I dress smart casual with an occasional business casual but overall I dress for comfort. When you feel good you work good!

  5. Julie

    I have a rule that I never look more casual than my clients. When I’m showing property, I want it to be obvious to anyone involved which one of us is “working”. Nothing I hate more than seeing a fellow real estate professional dressed like a complete slob. You don’t have to dress expensively to appear like you have your act together.

  6. Thank you for the article, I always keep a change of clothes at the office. You never know how your day will go! Get dressed to show homes in upscale neighborhoods, get a call from the Buyer needing to reschedule. The next call you get is showing farm and ranch, better to always be prepared!

  7. I like your post and agree that dressing in accordance with the environment you’ll be in is best. Whether its a suit for a meeting with an attorney or more causal for open land showings. Although I try to respect who I’m going to be around by dressing appropriately, my general rule is to be me! I almost always wear jeans (I’m that guy). But they’re always pressed, clean and fit well. I usually wear a pressed fitting dress shirt and comfortable shoes. What I do might not work for a lot of people, but I stay true and be me. I’m confident doing do and I think people pick up on that. Thanks for posting your article. It’s very well written 🙂

  8. Business Casual or Business Professional makes a great impression in our real estate market on Cape Cod, Mass., but some outliers run with the beach bum look in our resort & second home market and get away with it.

  9. No questions about it. A suit and tie is the only attire I wear. So many say they left the corporate world to never wear a tie again as if was a symbol of enslavement. I say that as agents we have a duty to represent ourselves as upper class. Just as you never see an attorney without a suit we, too should be proud to dress for success. Leave the casual stuff for the weekends. I love when clients see me out on the weekend off hours and say I did not recognize you without your suit. It is a compliment and a reflection of the power of my branding. Men…be a gentleman and wear a suit. Women…just stay beautiful with good taste.

  10. I would say that I was a business casual, but I have to become a smart casual. Wonderful article. Great insight into professional dressing. I think all colleges should introduce professional dress code classes for those in the professional degree programs.

  11. Theresa Greeley

    With 12 years of Real Estate under my belt working for the Top Companies..I feel professional dress is extremly important.
    Even if you are walking land or on a construction site…professional dress shows you are serious….

  12. Wynona Rients

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