Happy Birthday, Generation Y!

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  1. Justin Bowers

    Great post Marianne! Work with a lot of agents on websites and it can sometimes be a struggle working with baby boomers who still want to retain information like simple MLS data in exchange for a lead. For that, I have to compliment Redfin for not being so stubborn, and curse agents who pay Zillow for slowly ruining my personal career in real estate. Hope this one helps sink it in a little more.

  2. Great article! I like the attention of communication in regards to the different groups. As a speaker and presenter our focus is on communication and one point we have found and concluded regarding communication in real estate is the most good or positive communication is verbal(setting appointments, obtaining new clients(referral), negotiating offers, etc) and passive or negative is electronic(cancellations, terminating contacts, unsuccessful negotiations). It’s interesting when we presented this to our first groups and the agents were like, “wow, that makes sense.”.
    Technology is the source for consumers to do their homework and that with the uncertainties in the market over the last 5 years, all consumers are reaching out to an agent by way of referral so not only are the millenials going back to the basics, but all clients in the age pool. Agents are still in control if they stay connected to all groups. What I really like about tour article is the mindset of the millenials. They have brought good ole.customer service back to the forefront and if you agents are going to stay in control of their database, but better engage personally and build true relationships with all.

  3. Sld

    Actually, there isn’t a consensus for the year range for this generation.