Going Paperless: 3 Tips to Get Started

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  1. Great post Subhi! I’ve been using CutePDF for awhile & works great. Also, in Google’s Chrome browser, the print to .pdf is already built in. I do want to try bringing a tablet for showings but can’t figure how my buyers can make notes on it AND I don’t want them to think that if they buy with me, they get a free tablet! Thanks for the tips on listing presentations

  2. Thanks, I have been saving the MLS pdf and emailing it to my Evernote email.

  3. Good article and overdue! Thanks for beginning the conversation. Paperless time has come. I would add DotLoop to the conversation. There is no other product like it. Not only can the provide customized “buying” and “selling” loops but other forms can be uploaded (Cute PDF forms created via MLS included). Keep up the good work, Subhi!

  4. kria

    Paperless has an electrical footprint. It matters if you have green power or not.

  5. Valerie

    I seen your power point programs. Do you think they are better then using the IMRMLS CMA for a listing appointment? Do those programs have the ablity to sync with IMRMLS?

  6. Shelley

    Does Dropbox link to Docusign?

  7. I use DropBox with DocuSign. You can upload any document into DocuSign so you can select the file from DrobBox and then add where you want to place signatures and dates. The only form I have seen that doesn’t work well is our Residential Property Disclosure where the seller has to check multiple boxes.

  8. PDFill works similarly to CutePDF and is also free. The main difference is that it shows a copy of the file on your screen when saved so you can immediately preview it.

    Also, when using Box or Dropbox, be careful with regards to viewing your files. Unless you have a cell connection, you won’t be able to view the files when outside of a wifi connection. What I do is take the files that I need to use and transfer them to a PDF viewing/annotizing app. If you don’t need to make any annotizations, you can just use the PDF Reader app. If you need to add things, you can use an app such as Good Reader to do that. This way, the files are actually stored on your device.

  9. Pat Loftus

    I use a program, LogMeIn, with the iPad. I can access, and use all the programs and files of, my desktop computer remotely. Contracts and other documents can be saved in PC programs and files so it isn’t necessary to have apps such as Drop Box or Box.

    The Apple environment is great but some might not want to bother learning and adapting to it. Ultimately the iPad doesn’t have enough memory to contain the vast quantities of real estate documents, photos and programs.

    The only thing necessary to remember is to leave the desk top on when you leave home or office.

  10. Bess Wilson

    Thanks for the great post. Just an idea, if you want to skip a few of those steps, Ez Coordinator Transaction Management software is already integrated with Docusign. It basically does everything you mention above (and a lot more) and is already set up for you. If you want to try it out, it is free for individual agents – http://ezcoordinator.com/ Just an idea to simplify it a bit.

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  12. Does anybody have any tips for how to take a CMA in PDF format and import it into PowerPoint or keynote?