What Makes a REALTOR® Different?

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  1. In order to answer this question we must be honest about who we are as Realtors and what our organization is. NAR is one of the largest lobbyists in Washington. That gives us a voice in legislation that keeps us alive and thriving as an industry, BUT to do that we need money and that money comes from dues. To get dues paying members NAR has been very “flexible” about its requirements (i.e. there is no differentiation to the public from a part time Realtor, full time Realtor, etc.). So the question becomes how can we professionalize our industry more to create more value to the public without losing needed membership dues.

  2. Great article Dave! Totally agree…

    Helping REALTORS® stand out and be noticed for their professionalism and hard work is one of the big reasons we developed our app; Listings+. It provides shareable evidence of all the tasks that go into your job so that clients can see and appreciate the level of service they are getting.

  3. Very well said Victoria. The point is simple – NAR is about lobbying for the future of our industry. “I feel like it was indoctrinated in me through continuing education classes,” you wrote. Well not in Ohio. CE classes go through the state and have to be open to any licensed agent in the state of Ohio.

    And that NAR Ethics requirement that makes us “different” than other agents, well the Ohio Association of REALTORS elected to allow any class that meets the ethics requirement for the Ohio Division of Real Estate also meet that code. Hence, in Ohio at least, there is still no difference other than Realtors pay to be members of a national organization and the others don’t.