Remember the Telephone?

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  1. Beautifully stated. I think of those times when I’ve received an e-mail and it seems the sender is upset, so I pick up the phone to clear the air, only to find that they are completely happy. When sending e-mail, I’m always very conscious to make sure my tone is conveyed properly – and have even resorted to the occasional silly happy face if I know the person well when needed. Yet, we always prefer to make the call. It’s a time investment.

  2. Stacy Corrigan

    I agree completely Anand. I had a transaction where the other broker refused to make a phone call and I made one call and reached the person on the other line the first time and helped to move the transaction along. I understand wanting a trail of communication, but isn’t that what a good ole fashioned call log is for. If you program calls into outlook, every call is documented and searchable, or as you stated follow up with an email. Excellent topic!