9 Other Web Sites Besides Craigslist for Rentals

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  1. Amy

    These are really great suggestions. However, the benefit of craigslist is that it is free. If you are managing a large apartment complex or a high-end single unit rental, you may be able/willing to absorb the advertising costs associated with these sites. It is a different story if you are renting smaller apartment communities or single family housing. I have found that Trulia and Walkscore are also very good (and FREE) sites to advertise on. If you have a unit that will rent Sec 8 (or through any other subsidized housing program), Socialserve.com is also very helpful.

  2. If you happen to be looking for an apartment specifically in the Chicago area, there’s a site called domu.com that is free to use with a lot of listings. It’s easy to narrow down your search by the area you want to live, price you are willing to pay, etc.

  3. Pat Sharp

    There’s a new website that just been up for a short while. 30-day Ads are always free. You can list any type of rental property, as well as any other thing you could possibly want to rent out or list any service you provide. Check it out!!!!

  4. Sorry – Since there was a Website box as part of this post I thought the web site would show in my comment. The website is http://www.craigsrental.com/

  5. Ellen

    Many new sites have emerged recently. A bunch of them offer landlords the possibility to do tenants screening, to collect rent online and e-sign the lease. So you can use those sites not just as a good to tool for advertising of your property but you can also proceed with day-to-day rental operations. Moreover, some websites, like Rentberry, syndicate to other sites. This means that adding your listings into that one site you are actually uploading it to others.