8 Incredibly Powerful Real Estate Apps

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  1. Great article, Subhi. I’m going to get Glympse right now.

    Have you seen the new agent-branded version of the Realtor.com app? It’s a big upgrade: http://seaho.me/56

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Great article!! I just downloaded Smartr and using it now!

  3. Great! Those apps can really help a real estate professional make things easier.

  4. Hi Subhi
    Just came across this great article from you on useful apps for real estate pros. We attempted to produce mobile CRM for real estate pros as an android app. Would appreciate feedback on what we can do better or different so this can be more usable to real estate pros. Here is a link below and the email address above. The name of the app is Real Estate Agent on GO. Thanks in advance!!


  5. Brenda Brow

    Thank you for sharing your information for all of us to utilize. These apps are great and will be very useful.

    Thanks again.

  6. @Siyami,
    Looks great, but I think your product would do better in IOS, rather than on the Google platform. The big majority of Apps that we use today as realtors are on the Apple platform. My honest opinion as a Realtor, is that the iPhone is the best phone to use, and the same goes for the iPad, in the Tablet market; for us Realtors. I’d be interested to see what percentage of YPN members use the different phones available today..My educated guess would be that 75% of us use Apple Products.

  7. Wanted to let you know about our new App for commercial real estate: LOiPad

    LOIPad automates creating a customized LOI for office leases.

    CoStar recently mentioned it on a webinar about iPads: http://youtu.be/S043kNvlJLs

    You can also see the App on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/loi-pad/id512578232

    And see more on the website: http://www.LOIPAD.com.

  8. Great sharing subhi it adds a technical approach to the solution and this can be of great help enabling saturation and growth. So this helps in solution finding as well as applies simple rules and regulations to be followed that too in a definite solution. This article is of great help to application users and can limit search to cell phones and help acccordingly.

  9. My husband has recently turned me onto Taxbot, a new program his company is selling. Taxbot allows me, through GPS, to track my mileage when I am out showing homes. This in turn keeps an accurate reading for my CPA at the end of the year so that I can write off my miles at .55 cents per mile. I can also link any expenses to a particular client, like going out to lunch or coffee. I can take pictures of my receipts and link them to my expenses, therefore having accurate tax records, reducing the risk of an audit, or at the very least being ready for an audit. The program also allows you to establish a budget, see actual expenses and run various reports. The cost is $19.99 per month for the service and the company guarantees if you don’t see a return of 20 TIMES on your initial cost of $19.99 in your first 30 days of use, they will refund your money. I’ve been using it since the beginning of the month and have entered over $4,600 in expenses and have more than $4,550 in tax deductions. This is money that I probably wouldn’t have claimed and lost out on. I am sold on this product and encourage my fellow Realtors to check it out! I’ve attached my husband’s website. Once there, click on services and watch the Taxbot video.

  10. Riu

    Do big companies have extra departments to promote their apps or do they hire firms like http://madvertise.com/en/? Do you know that? Thanks for the list, I am gonna check them out

  11. Why, yes, Subhi, you ARE the coolest Realtor in town! 🙂 Great article! Wasn’t aware of Glympse but it sounds like a great tool!

  12. Tim


    RealtyMoz: Buy, sell, or lease real estate on the cloud with ease on your mobile device

    RealtyMoz is a global map-based real estate app that helps you view and list properties on the cloud in real-time with ease. Collaborate with qualified potential buyers all over the World who want to buy or lease your property right now! List your real estate anywhere anytime from the comfort of your mobile device and get inquiries fast from a wide qualified Worldwide audience. Take out the middleman and stop paying high commissions. RealtyMoz was designed from the ground up to be mobile and collaborative with a focus on the end user at hand. Whether you are in Timbuktu or San Francisco, you can RealtyMoz to collaborate and buy, sell, lease property effectively without the need for any expensive advertising and/or agents.

    RealtyMoz was developer by jinibot LLC @ http://jinibot.com

    We welcome feedback and look forward to you using the app. Thank You

  13. Tim

    Subhi, will you kindly add our app to the list also?

    Many thanks in advance


  14. You should checkout an application called MobilCTI Ultimate Sales Dialer. It is a quite handy tools for people who needs to make lots of phone calls. It turns Android Phone into automated telephone dialer system so you can reach 100s of customers easily. For more info, see goolge play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilsalesdialerultimate

  15. Wendy Lockhart

    Hello Fellow Realtors, Any suggestions for an IOS CRM that isn’t cloud based?

  16. I wanted to subscribe on cardsapp but couldn’t find you guys. whats your CBN number? Your help is appreciated

  17. hello! What is your cardsapp brand number? thanks