5 Ways to Keep in Touch with Past, Current, and Future Clients

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  1. David. Great article. I loved your ideas. I hope more Realtors take your advise, and interact with their SOI. I have heard that only 20% of Realtors stay in touch with their clients after the sale. Your tips are quick and easy ways to stay in touch, and will definitely drive referrals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Dave, actualy we built a service that ONLY thrives because 86% of consumers said they would reuse an agent for another deal or referral- YET only about 14% do…. When you Ask the delta…. why?.. guess what they said….


  3. Hi David – Right on point. And just to add to this – I like to keep track of the clients I call every month. You would be amazed at what happens. First they are usually grateful for the call, second – often times they will tell you they know someone who could use your service. I keep a list of testimonials too so I can pass that on to prospective clients. Here’s to a Fantastic 2012! Cheers from Colorado

  4. Wonderful points about keeping in contact with clients. So important to remember! My own real estate agent in Los Angeles does a great job at this!

  5. Great tips! Creating a stream of happy clients will surely mean successful business.