Cast Your Vote for This Year’s 30 Under 30 Web Choice Award Winner

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  1. Cant wait to see the turn out !

  2. When will the 50 be notified? on the 26th?

    Can’t wait to see who’s in the running!

  3. Jared, thanks for the update. I’m excited for voting to begin! Appreciate your input and it sounds like you’re doing well.

  4. Juan Carlos raised 35,997 votes! Wow!!! I also submitted my application this year and I don’t even think we have 36,000 people in College Station TX. Congratulations Jared and Juan Carlos! Good Luck Laura

  5. Thanks Guys. Seychelle: Yes. Things are going well! Good luck to all of you!

  6. I hope I made it, after reading this it makes me so anxious….. Great post! Fingers Crossed!

    The best is yet to come!!

  7. Great post! I am in the top 50 this year and can’t wait to see how many votes I can get and if I will be in the top 30. Excited to meet the other young professionals too 🙂

  8. Jared….great post. I made the top 50 this year (HOLY CRAP!) and you’re right…first feeling was WOW, second feeling was “how in the heck do I mobilize my base to vote?” It’s daunting but I am sincerely looking forward to the challenge. I wish you continued success in your career…congrats!

  9. Thanks for the post Jared! I’ve been fascinated with Realtor Magazine’s 30 under 30 since I got my license in 2005. I am honored to be one of the finalists! Best of luck to everyone.

  10. Hi Everyone! I am glad you liked the post and good luck to all of you!!

  11. Matthew Peterson (MN)

    Great post…I am so excited about this whole process and having a ton of fun with this voting part as well. What an awesome opportunity for all of us to grow even further.

  12. Great article Jared! I am honored to be one of the semifinalists and had a great time with the voting. It is unbelievable the amount of support that I saw through this process! I’m looking forward to seeing the winner. Good luck to all my fellow semifinalists!

  13. As a 20 year Realtor and wife of a Broker Owner I was excited to read the 30 under 30 article. I allways love the great ideas and vitality young Realtors bring to our industry. I was shocked when I saw this years cover and it looked more like a cover of cosmo. The young men looked very nice in suits and jackets and repesented our industry very well but the women, Oh my! Bare legs and arms tight dresses and in the case of Ms. Sanger the short dress and peeptoe shoes were far too sexy. We women Realtors faught stereotypes and discrimination for too long to not be offended by the use of sex by these two young ladies. The video just reenforced my opinions. Lets keep our focus on selling Real Estate and not on selling sex.

  14. Steve Realtor

    That vile strumpet! You can see her ankles!

  15. Stan K. Peete

    @Erin, I found the cover to be in excellent taste, with the subjects wearing current fashions befitting their age. I also get the sense from your tone that, when it comes to real estate and sex, you would have a difficult time selling either.

  16. Alan E. Smythe

    I found the cover inspiring, really. It’s wonderful to see such energetic, vibrant representatives of the industry. Far too often Realtors are portrayed as some sort of cookie-cuttered middle-aged business person, and it is good to see people bringing youthful energy to selling. I wish I looked as young and as attractive, it would make my job so much easier! That said, however, without calling anyone out specifically, claiming that the attire is improper or seductive is more than likely speaking out of insecurity or envy, and it is woefully inappropriate and insulting to these toothsome Realtors.

  17. Sparky

    It must be hard to go through life as Erin Rivera, seeing hookers and bare arms and toes everywhere you look. I think she’s a little confused, having mixed up the attire of your average street-walker with the Land’s End short-sleeve madras shirt collection.

  18. Hedy Yunker

    I cast a vote for Seth Goodman, Lincoln, IL

  19. I cast my vote for Julie Van Pelt.