The Importance of Image and Appearance

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  1. In small rural markets, if your car is too flashy, it can work against you as appearing not one of the fish. Of having something beyond your customers or they think you are making too much money on each sale. Not going to be another notch on the head board. Clean, parked to be noticed with your logo is not a bad idea. Park it on the end of Walmart lot so it can be seen. You need the exercise any way right?.

  2. Brooke – Well put. It isn’t “what you ‘wear/drive/etc'” it how you take care of your clients. If I lost a client because I pulled up in my Colorado pick-up truck — guess what we probably wouldn’t have worked well together anyhow.

    I have a friend that always wears a tie to closing. Never any other time, just to closing. What does that tell your clients? In my mind, the money is more important than you.

  3. Brooke Wolford

    I agree with you both. My office is in a smaller town and theres no way Im going to be driving a Hummer or a Mercedes. Besides the fact that people would look at me weird, I would hate to mess up a car on back country roads! My car right now can barely handle driving through some of the off roads!

  4. ” Dress to the client”, and “drive to the client”. If your market area is homes in the Million Dollar range then yes a Mercedes or BMW might be appropriate but if your market area is very rural a pick up truck might work better and for the suburbs some type of midgrade 4 door passenger car ,
    SUV or even a minivan might work just right. If I was a Realtor in NYC I might even just use the subways and forget the car!

  5. You cannot change a first impression. It doesn’t matter what you do after that, the first impression stays at a subconscious level and once a client made his mind about you, he will do whatever he can to ratify his opinion and avoid admitting that he was wrong about you. As a broker and a psychotherapist I suggest to any real estate agent to give some thought, care and dedication to his appearance. A client may not mind his pal to walk in flip flops and his date to wear a mini skirt, but he most probably wants the person that will handle one of the biggest transactions in his life to look professional…

  6. Rachel Smith

    I completely understand the point of this article, however, there were a few points that rubbed me the wrong way. I find it completely ignorant to state that if someone has purple hair or tattoos that it may automatically change a clients perspective of you. Someone without purple hair or tattoos could very well give you the worst service and be completely inappropriate, but as long as they look “normal” it’s okay right? Have you ever thought about the fact that having a fun physical characteristic can be a marketing tool and if it is executed properly can work to your advantage? For you to assume that those with a “different” approach to their physical appearance is a negative thing is nothing but pure ignorance. And for that client to say they may have “ran” if they met you with purple hair at an open house but are okay with tattoos also just blows my mind. People are something else! It’s 2017 get with the program! Like the gentleman stated before, if a client has an issue with something about me (car, physical appearance, etc) then we probably wouldn’t have gotten along anyway!