Real Estate is Sexy

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  1. I’m surprised this was published, don’t we have standards on YPN? Gaining more
    insight and knowlege to share with my friends and clients seems to motivate and inspire me more. I am impressed with all of the writer’s except this one.

  2. Brooke Wolford

    Rachel, thanks for you comment. I’m sorry you are displeased with this post. This is simply a response to the video that was sent to me and the stereotypes that are portrayed about agents in TV shows. Personally I have a hard time with the stereotypes in our industry and my whole goal as an agent is to protect the integrity of our industry.

  3. Light hearted read! Thanks for speaking the truth about agents. Often times people are not willing to stand up against the crazy persona media gives agents.

  4. I feel the same way about the perceptions and am often annoyed/frustrated by them since I don’t fit that mold either. Thanks for sharing the video too. Hilarious!

  5. What is the job of the guy or gal wearing the “R”, the hardest working letter in the alphabet? We make it look easy because the long drawn out sales, or the million little things we tend to from experience, with creative passion we think would be boring. It is not. And blog posts on how things fell together (with your help) or how it got hairy but how you kept it on track are good reads. Instead of just copy and paste market reports that are some king of boring.

  6. We always find these videos entertaining, but we also have to ask, “is the person in this video the type of person I want to be responsible for my largest investment?”