How Google Will Take Over The World

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  1. Why not teach them to pull their 4sq checkins into the Google map they created as a overlay mashup. That would really mess with their minds!

  2. In my area most of the MLS is already on Google Maps Real Estate view. This is done through ListHub and other companies like it publishing all the new listings from various Brokers.

    Google Map might be turning into a preferred way to search for Active listings.

    At a seminar I was at the CEO for RPR said Google is the company that Realtors should be most worried about, and I believe he is right.

  3. If you are going to give a link in your post, it should be to the Google map you published versus to your Facebook page.

  4. Jason – That’s just mean.

    Brad – I agree that the listings are being syndicated to Google through ListHub. The thing though is that you are creating content for YOU and not for the mass quantities. I’m looking at what M Realty in Portland is doing. If you search for a home, sure it shows you what’s available in that market area, BUT it also will put in the blog posts that they completed in the map view. You’re looking at a house in “my” subdivision and not sure what agent to use. Suddenly there is a collection of blog posts highlighting the coffee shop, shopping, etc that are available. What agent suddenly looks like s/he knows that market better than anyone else? Yep.

    Aaron – Didn’t even realize I included a link to my site, got to love those Word adjustments. Here is a link to the map though if you are interested.

  5. ellie

    At the end you spelt cheque wrong! You said “Google, I’ll take that check now please.” And I believe it was meant to say “Google, I’ll take that cheque now please.”