My 10 Favorite Free iPhone Apps for My Real Estate Business (Right Now)

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  1. In regards to Skydial, for those on Verizon if you call into your voice mail and select option “2” you can record a message and send it to whom ever you need.

  2. That is TOO funny that you put Talking Carl on your list. I forgot about showing you that! Seriously, we still laugh our heads off every time we play with it. I never thought about adding it as an RE app for the stress relief, but now that you say it…makes perfect sense. Go Talking Carl!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the UrbanSpoon app, how you can shake your iPhone and it will spin and find you a restaurant.

  4. Following on what Toby said, Sprint also allows you to access your voice-mail, record a message, and send it to another Sprint phone. It only works when sending from one Sprint phone to another though, and I do not know if the same applies to Verizon.

  5. In regards to the Bump app. It is awesome. This is a nifty app to record contacts while networking
    great post Maura, Yoyu may also want to post it on WCR’s message boards.

  6. Tell me more about the apps for I Phones

  7. Gerry Britt

    There’s also Straight to Voicemail for $1.99. Doesn’t say if there’s a separate fee for service.

  8. I also like Property Evaluator for running numbers on investment properties.
    Active Rain for Real Estate Blog.
    Cheap Gas
    Around me- locate store or business near your location
    And for golfers- iSwing swing analyzer and Golfshot GPS (cheap compared to other handhelds)

  9. Brad

    An app not to talk to clients? When you client fires you, I’ ll call them and speak to them as a human and list the house.

    If you don’t have time to TALK, don’t call.

  10. Carly Johnson

    I completely recommend “Talking Carl”! My 3 year old thinks he is the greatest thing ever. So fun!

  11. I’ve been a Palm user for years & thinking of going to the iphone. What do you use to sync with ur laptop?

  12. Benita

    Get a grip..has there never been an instance when you might be out with a client and needed to make a quick call but didn’t want to get tied up on a hour conversation…

  13. How do I download talking Carl?

  14. Colin Johnson - Keller Williams Johnson City TN

    My wife, Carly, just went to the App store and bought Talking Carl and our 3 year old loves him. It is one of the funniest apps that we have found. He is hysterical.

    I hope that it makes you laugh and makes your day.

    Be blessed,


  15. Michael

    Another one while out on the go that I have found very useful is both yelp as well as iWant both tell you how close the nearest Starbucks, Walgreens etc. is. Very helpful when you are in unknown territory.

  16. To all who commented: Thanks so much! I appreciate all your input!

    Specifically to Brad: I echo Benita’s comment, “has there never been an instance when you might be out with a client and needed to make a quick call but didn’t want to get tied up on a hour conversation?” Nine times out of ten, I would never avoid talking to a client, but every once in awhile there are instances where I need to relay a quick bit of information or even say “Happy Birthday” but cannot get into a long conversation. I appreciate your sentiments, but there are times when we ALL could use this app. Thank you for your comment, though, and thanks for reading!

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  18. Maura,
    You should checkout ThankYouPro, a free app that lets you create and send a real thank you card in about a minute. It is highly personalized with your very own signature (right on the phone), handwriting fonts and photo card covers. It is printed and mailed next day – the perfect thank you and follow up for buyers and prospects.