Rethinking Lead Generation

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  1. With this being my first post to the Young Professional Network site, I am looking forward to the comments and discussion around how social media can be used as a legitimate lead generation tool.

  2. You need to be careful with the suggestion of using Social Media as far too many people assume (even with your disclaimer) that it’s just as easy as setting up a page or opening a Twitter account. As I’m sure you know it takes much more than that and most people don’t understand that. It’s like when you hear people talking about having a Website and thinking that this means they have a Web presence. The other part to Social Media suggestion is the “Social Stock” risks because most people are age have a Facebook page full of friends (including that nutty fraternity brother that still likes to reminisce about that wild night in Tijuana on your wall.

    I talk quite a bit about lead generation and social media on my blog ( Most of my information is and articles focus on lead generation for the mortgage professional, but Real Estate professionals can use some of the ideas and modify others.

    Good first piece though. Thanks!

  3. Ryan,

    Great points. You can’t jump into social media without having a plan in place. If you don’t have any idea where to start, try contacting someone in your market area that may utilize social media for lead generation. Yes you do have to be careful about the frat brother posting about the night in Tijuana on your wall. Great info on your WordPress blog. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I would also agree with Ryan… Jumping into the social media space without a plan is practically guarantees that you are wasting your time. There should be goals and objectives identified BEFORE you embark on this venture. So many businesses and services professionals limp along with a generic fan page, ho hum updates and Tweets that are not relevant to their business goals.

    When implemented correctly however, social media can be an extremely effective marketing tool with a very high ROI.


    Jeremey – excellent post! Welcome to the YPN blog, I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    It should be implied that you really need to have a plan before you do anything. Afterall, no plan is really just a plan to fail!

    Keep up the great work!